Hi I'm Kristen, aka StoryMaker

Hi, I’m Kristen, aka StoryMaker

And I think you’re gorgeous! I have made it my mission to create a transformational photoshoot experience that leaves you (and your brand) feeling beautiful, confident and fierce so that you can show up as the face of your business like the boss that you are.

Every. Damn. Day.

When I discovered personal brand photography it spoke to my very soul, and I knew in my heart that this is the best way for me to help other heart-centered women just like you, to share their gifts and talents with the world so that they too, can do the work they are born to do.

Life is too short to do anything else!

I am a world traveler, a yogi, a salsa dancer, a decision-maker, a liver of life, a positive thinker and a StoryMaker! I am addicted to getting outside in nature daily, morning workouts, traveling off the beaten path and salt & vinegar chips! You can find me living my best life in Kelowna, BC capturing creative photos of brilliant women!

I love helping camera-shy entrepreneurs feel kickass on camera! It’s amazing to see how just one photo session can unlock more confidence, self-acceptance, and possibility in people’s lives!

I believe.1,599

  • When I’m taking pictures of you feeling good, it makes the people who look at your photos feel good, too!
  • My graphic design and branding background give me a unique perspective into providing images that reflect your brand.
  • Every client is unique, and as you can see from my portfolio, I take great care to ensure my work reflects this.
  • Attention to small details makes a big impact.
  • There is enough abundance in the universe for everyone.
  • Photography has the power to make people happy.
  • Collaboration and building lasting relationships are the foundation of any successful business.
  • Life is only as hard as we make it. With a positive mental attitude and a good cup of coffee, anything is possible.
  • Every great photo begins with an even better story, I look forward to hearing yours!

Fun facts.1,599

  • I am addicted to vinegar, I put it on everything. I add EXTRA vinegar to salt & vinegar chips! Yep.
  • Peanut butter and chocolate anything is my kryptonite.
  • I won a tattoo as a prize in a photography contest (and got my daughter’s name, Maya, tattooed on the inside of my arm!)
  • I have watched every single season of Survivor (just started season 39)! Don't judge.
  • Right after high school I went to college for fashion design and discovered that I really, really didn’t like to sew.
  • I have never had a cavity or a broken bone.
  • I have always owned at least one camera.
  • I read A LOT. Mostly self-awareness books peppered with a good novel that I can get lost in.
  • I LOVE hammocks! I have three hammock “reading stations” set up in my backyard.

From a young age, I’ve had a camera in hand documenting everyday life and travel adventures near and far. While I was traveling in Peru I walked by a local woman sitting on an overturned bucket with a paintbrush in her hand. She had a huge smile on her face and laughter in her eyes as she painted a white fence. Her smile was contagious and I found myself smiling back at her.

We made eye contact and I quickly pointed at my camera and then at her, She looked surprised as if to say “Who me?” and then smiled and nodded and began to preen for me like a model! When I showed her the photos afterward her eyes lit up and she smiled with pride.

It’s moments like these that make my heart full!

It’s not the photos I fall in love with, it’s the people. It’s the way an authentic portrait can make someone feel about themselves. It’s the way it can be a game-changer in someone’s business not to mention their life.

Who knew that a simple photograph could inspire such confidence in another person?

Headshot of Peruvian woman against blue wall

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Mark Twain